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iv trainerIV Trainer  Malaysia specialize in the supplys of health care training aids for medical procedures in Malaysia , Singapore and the Asean region.


In view of the increasing medical litigation cost and demand for better quality level in health care services, the need for a more consistent level of medical skill expected from every health care provider can never be over emphasized.


Our Life-like training Aids helps in elevating patients’ comfort and save lifes. It cover a wide spectrum of skill trainings for health care givers like injection, venous and arterial puncture , replacement parts as well as other more demanding clinical skills or medical procedures. As these medical training aids are highly specialized, aids for paediatric training are also available to ensure the necessary skill sets are acquired appropriately.


We are privileged to have the experience to work with and hence supply only established medical training aids of proven quality to our customers. It is this respectable background we had acquired with pride that we continue to grow rapidly to support the health care industry in their ever increasing need to elevate and making consistent the medical and clinical  services they provided through each and every one of their related health care giver.


Going forward, it will be our pleasure to serve you the best we can and you are invited to have a look at our IV Trainer product range to see how it can fit into your requirement.


If there is any medical training aids that you need but is not listed in our product range yet, do drop us a line and it will be our pleasure to get back to you again.



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